WAPCOS Limited

WAPCOS Limited provides integrated package of consultancy services in the water resources sector. The main objects for which the Company is established are:-

 »   To establish, provide and perform engineering and related technical and consultancy services for development of water resources, irrigation and drainage, electric power, flood control and water supply projects.

 »   To establish, provide, maintain and perform procurement, inspection, expediting, management of construction and related services in connection with the construction of water resources development projects including dams, barrages, weirs, tunnels, canals, hydropower stations; and thermal power stations and transmission and distribution systems.

To carry on all kinds of business relating to: -

(a)  the pre-investment surveys and investigations, planning, design, supervision of construction, operation and maintenance of all kinds of works involved in the development and utilization of water resources, generation and utilization of electric power; and

(b)    topographic surveys, aerial photography, hydrological surveys, meteorological surveys, geological surveys, material surveys, underground resources investigations, soil surveys and land classification surveys.

(c)   To issue tenders for works, services and equipment on behalf of customers and be responsible for scrutinizing them and advising the customers suitably.

(d)  To organize and supervise the erection and commissioning of generating plants, electric transmission and distribution systems.


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