Flood Forecasting

           Flood forecasting has been recognized as one of the most important, reliable and cost-effective non-structural measures for flood management. Recognizing the crucial role it can play, Central Water Commission, Ministry of Water Resources has set up a network of forecasting stations covering all important flood prone interstate rivers. The forecasts issued by these stations are used to alert the Public and to enable the administrative and engineering agencies of the States/UT's to take appropriate measures.

           Central Water Commission started flood-forecasting services in 1958 with the setting up of its first forecasting station on Yamuna at Delhi Railway Bridge.  The Flood Forecasting Services of CWC consists of collection of Hydrological/ Hydro-meteorological data from 878 sites, transmission of the data using wireless/ fax/ email/ telephones /satellites /mobiles, processing of data, formulation of forecast and dissemination of the same. Presently, a network of 175 Flood Forecasting Stations including 28 inflow forecast, in 9 major river basins and 71 sub basins of the country exists. It covers 15 States besides NCT Delhi and UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli. Central Water Commission on an average issues 6000 flood forecasts with an accuracy of more than 95% every year. The state wise details of 175 stations are as under:

Table-1: State-wise Distribution of Flood Forecast Stations of Central water Commission (PDF 10.0 kb)

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