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icon  Information, Education and Communication Scheme

Brief on the objectives of IEC Scheme


Information, Education and Communication Scheme had been launched during XI plan, with an outlay of Rs.83 crore, with the aim to create awareness among various target groups about the importance of development and management of water resources in a holistic manner with due emphasis on a coordinated effort for addressing various water related issues.


The objectives of the scheme were as follows:-


                 (i)            To create awareness for optimal sustainable development, maintenance of quality and efficient use of country’s water resource to match the growing demands on this precious natural resources with active involvement of all stakeholders in order to achieve accelerated, equitable, economic development of the country;

               (ii)            To create awareness for the urgent need for mutual cooperation and adopting integrated planning and participatory approach in management;

              (iii)            To create awareness among the people about necessity of water conservation;

             (iv)            To promote advocacy on the tenets of National Water Policy with focus on setting learning, documenting and dissemination of knowledge of water science and technology and issues concerning sustained development of water resources;

              (v)            To create awareness about necessity of adopting measures for rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge of ground water to meet present and future needs of water;

             (vi)            To strengthen awareness infrastructure specially campaign mechanism and support structure.


During the XI Plan Period (01.04.2007-31.03.2012), the year wise expenditure incurred under the Scheme is as follows:-

Financial Year

Actual Expenditure (Rs. in crore)























Mode of operation of IEC Scheme - The mass awareness activities were carried out primarily through various organizations of the Ministry such as CWC, CGWB, CSMRS, NIH, NWDA, WAPCOS etc. and through other Government agencies as Prasar Bharti (Broadcasting Corporation of India),  DAVP etc. for carrying out the activities related to electronic and print media publicity campaigns.    


During the XII Plan Period (2012-2017), the IEC Scheme has been merged in HRD/Capacity Building Scheme as IEC Component along with other components with a proposed outlay of Rs.250 crore (projected).


Major activities carried out under Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Scheme of Ministry of Water Resources during the XI Plan Period


[During the years 2007-08 to 2011-12]


To achieve the objectives of the scheme the following activities have been undertaken under IEC Scheme:-


(1)      Publicity through Electronic Media


Electronic Media Campaign through telecast/broadcast of video/audio spots of 30 sec. duration on Water Conservation in Hindi and 14 regional languages on DD National, DD News, Regional Channels of Doordarshan and FM, National News, Vividh Bharti and Local Radio Stations of All India Radio during the years 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11 & 2011-12.


During 2011-12, a 14 day awareness campaign was launched across the Cinema Halls of the country through Digital Cinema.


During the year 2009-10 and 2011-12 Lok Sabha TV was also utilized for Electronic Media Campaign by telecasting of video spots as well as the film on Farmers’ Participatory Action Research Programme.


(2)      Painting Competition on Water Conservation issues


          A three tier painting competition on water conservation themes is being organised by the Ministry for the students of 4th, 5th and 6th standards in various States/UTs of the country since 2010.  The objective of organising the painting competition is to engage the attention of children towards the need of water conservation and to inculcate in them the habit of judicious use of water right from their formative years. 


During the year 2010, 267522 students from 5070 schools had participated in the school level competition.  During the year 2011, 1605346 students from 23475 schools had participated in the school level competition. 


The winners are awarded a cash Prize of Rs. 1 Lakh (1st prize), four second prizes of Rs.50,000/- each, eight third prizes of Rs. 25,000/- each and consolation prizes of Rs.5,000 each, along with a Certificate and a memento.


(3)      Publicity through newspapers/magazines.


Every year, Advertisements on Do’s and Dont’s for Water Conservation, measures for Water Conservation and policies and programmes of the Ministry etc. are released on important occasions in newspapers publishing from various parts of the country and in a few magazines.


During the year 2007-08, a special feature on water was also released in the inflight magazine ‘Swagat’.


(4)      Publicity through participation in Exhibitions/Fairs.


          Every year Ministry along with its organizations participates in India International Trade Fair held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi by way of its pavilion depicting various working models, diorama of water cycle etc. and by putting up interactive kiosks, quiz shows and cultural programmes for students. Booklets, pamphlets, stickers and other publicity materials and freebees like key rings, paper caps carrying the messages of Water Conservation are distributed to the visitors. Certificates of participation in quiz shows are also distributed to the children. 


          During the years Ministry has participated in the ASOM International Trade Fair at Guwahati, Indian Science Congress at Shillong, SAARC Trade Fair held at Thimpu, Bhutan,  Thrissur Pooram Exhibition at Thrissur,  Science  and Technology Expo at Nainital, Congress, Shillong, 14th National Exhibition at Kolkata in 2010-11.


Apart from these the Central Water Commission and Central Ground Water Board, organisations under the Ministry participates in large number of fairs and exhibitions to promote the message of water conservation.


(5)      Celebration of Special Days/Week.


Every year World Water Day is celebrated on 22nd March at New Delhi and in the field offices of Organisations of the Ministry. On this occasion an Advertisement is released in newspapers publishing from various State Capitals and workshops on various water related issues are also organized at New Delhi and various field offices of organizations.


          The celebration of World Water Day has been taken to a higher level by this Ministry starting 2012, by organising ‘India Water Week’ involving International Conferences and Exhibition.  The "India Water Week 2012" was organized from 10-14 April 2012 at New Delhi. The main theme of the Conference was "Water, Energy and Food Security: Call for solutions". The objective of the event is to showcase the latest in technology, construction and manufacturing in the water sector to an international audience and also provide a platform for exchange of ideas on policy and technology.



(6)      Organisation of Workshops/Seminars.


Various Workshops/Mass Awareness Programmes/Water Management Training Programmes/Jal Yatras etc. were organized through field offices of CWC/CGWB.


Other major Workshops/Seminars organised by the Ministry/its organisations were Editors’ Conference on Social Sector Issues organized in association with Press Information Bureau, 13th Asian Regional Conference at Kolkatta, a workshop on remote sensing was organized by MoWR at New Delhi, three Workshops on Water Conservation, Artificial Recharge and improving Water Use Efficiency were organized for the benefit of Armed Forces at Kargil, Gangtok and Jaipur during 2009-10 with all logistic support of Army, Conference of Principal Secretaries/WALMIs was organized at New Delhi, Workshop on ‘Integrated Water Resources Management’ at Shillong etc..


(7).     Production of Documentary Film.


A documentary film on Farmers’ Participatory Action Research Programme was produced.



(8)      Publicity through Mass Media Transport Vehicle.


Publicity through posters, banners, hoardings at Railway Stations, Bus shelters and Metro Stations/Platforms/Trains/Pillars is carried out throughout the country.


(9)      Grant in Aid to Chambers of Commerce etc.


During the year 2007-08, Ministry released Grant in Aid of Rs. one lakh each to CII for organizing conference on ‘India’s Water Economy: Law & Sustainable Development’ and India Network on Participatory Irrigation Management for organizing “National Convention of Water Users Associations’ Presidents” organised by India NPIM. 


In the year 2009-10, several mass awareness activities were organized by National Institute of Hydrology (NIH), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Water Resources during the Kumbh Mela.


During 2011-12, the Ministry supported CII and Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD) by releasing Grant-in-Aid of Rs one lakh each for organising Conferences and Rs. Four Lakh to Foundation for Non-Violent Alternatives (FNVA) for organising an International Conference on water related issues


(10)    Publicity through Post Offices located in various parts of the country.


Printing and Distribution of 5 lakh Meghdoot Postcards during 2007- 08 and 6 lakh Meghdoot Postcards during 2008-09 carrying the messages of rooftop rainwater harvesting in English/Hindi and regional languages.


Commemorative Postage Stamp on Water Year-2007 was released in December, 2007.


(11).   Republic Day Tableau.


Ministry had rolled its Tableau during the Republic Day Parade 2008.



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