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icon  Command Area Development and Water Management Wing






  • Release of  central assistance to  States  for implementation  of  CADWM Programme.  Five Year Plans and Annual Plans. 
  • Monitoring  and review of CADWM Projects  and   evaluation  studies.  
  • Examination   of  projects  for  inclusion  in   the CADWM   programme-liaison with Planning Commission, Ministry  of  Agriculture, ICAR, etc. 
  • Coordination   on on-farm water management   projects as and when proposed by ICAR and Ministry of Water Resources. 
  • Participatory Irrigation Management  in  CADWM projects and Action  Research programme. 
  • Regional meeting of Secretaries-in-Charge of CADWM Programme in the States. 
  • Examination   and  monitoring  of   CAD   component   of foreign-aided  projects.  Also preparation and  scrutiny  of projects on-

       Reclamation of waterlogged areas and saline lands in CADWM commands.

       Water management  programmes under various cooperation programme as and when received.


  • Organising Trainings at national level on CADWM activities.  
  • Technical aspects of the International  Programme  for Technological Research in Irrigation and Drainage (IPTRID)  
  • Coordination  in  agricultural matters. 
  • Monitoring  of  Water   Resources  Consolidation  Project as and when received. 
  • Matters  related  to International  water  Management Institute and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). 
  • Nodal Wing for Promotion, facilitation, guidance and coordination of Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) in the country. 
  • Scrutiny  and vetting  of schemes for Central Government  clearance. 
  • Assisting the State Governments in identifying and preparation of summary and detailed  project  reports  and scrutiny thereof in CADWM projects;  Appraisal of sub-project and approval thereof. 
  • Meetings with World Bank Officials/State Government officials to evolve remedial measures   against bottlenecks in Restructured Projects as and when referred. 
  • Use of  modern technologies in water management.


Guidelines for CADWM Release for 2010-11



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Brief activities performed by this Ministry and its Organisation from December 2013

Water Conservation Year 2013
Water Conservation year 2013
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