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Asian Development Bank ASSISTED PROJECTS:

Nodal Section: External Assistance Section

A brief status of ongoing projects assisted by Asian Development Bank is as follows:

1. Odisha Integrated Irrigated Agriculture and Water Management Investment Program (2444-IND)

Nodal Department: Water Resources Department

Objectives:The objectives of the project are: (i) to enhance the productivity, water use efficiency and sustainability of the existing major and medium irrigation systems in the selected irrigation sub-projects in the four northern river basins (Brahmani, Baitarani, Subernarekha & Burhabalanga) & part of the Mahanadi river delta stage-I in Orissa, (ii) Water User Associations (WUAs) empowerment, renovation and extension of irrigation and associated infrastructure; field channels, agriculture and related support services including livelihood enhancement of the poor and progressive transfer of the operation and maintenance to WUAs, (iii) to strengthen the institutional basis for Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) with management reforms and capacity strengthening of relevant institutions.

The project will be implemented in 4 Tranches and out of the total net irrigated area of 224050 hectare, the net irrigated area in Tranche-1 is 82240 hectare. The total cost of Phase-I of the project is US$ 66.40 million, out of which US$ 16.50 million is ADB loan and US$ 30.0 Million is OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) loan.

2. Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Program Project-I (2679 IND)

Nodal Department: Karnataka Public Works, Ports and Inland Water Transport Department and Maharashtra Maritime Board

Objectives:The project seeks to address immediate coastal protection needs and coastal instability using environmentally and socially appropriate solutions, with a focus on softer environmentally appropriate options in two focal states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. It is also developing institutional capacities to meet the long-term needs of sustainable coastal protection and management, and support initiatives to increase the participation of the private sector and communities in coastal protection and management.

The estimated cost of the Phase-I Project is US$ 62.70 million, out of which US$ 51.56 Million will be financed by ADB as Loan assistance. The Project was started in 2011 and closing date is June 2017. Cumulative disbursement of US$ 11.13 million has been made upto 31.03.2015.

3. Assam Integrated Flood and River Bank Erosion Risk Management Investment Program Project 1 (2684-IND)

Nodal Department:  Flood and River Erosion Management Agency, Assam

Objectives: The aim of the project is to enhance sustainable and inclusive economic growth in flood prone areas along the Brahmaputra River in Assam State. Three sub-projects sites, namely, Dibrugarh (District), Kaziranga (Golaghat District), and Palasbari & Gumi (Kamrup District) have been selected based on their productive and strategic importance. These sites will be targeted to reduce flood and river erosion damages and to promote increased investment in urban industries, services and productive agriculture. The expected outcome is substantially enhanced reliability and effectiveness of flood and river bank erosion risk management systems. The project will benefit 1,10,000 hectares with population of about one million of the four selected areas.

The Project was started in May 2011 and the closing date is July 2016. The total project cost is US$ 120 million. Out of the loan assistance of US$ 49.90 million for Project 1, disbursement of US$ 20.76 million has been made upto 31.03.2015.